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which nyt reporters worked on the paradise papers

multinationals using Irish tax structures. "Revealed: Queen's private estate invested millions of pounds offshore". They show the creative methods that advisory firms devise in response to attempts by

regulators to crack down on tax shelters. Süddeutsche Zeitung obtained the records and shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and its media partners, including. "Justin Trudeau's Chief Fundraiser Linked To Offshore Tax Maneuvers: Long-standing offshore ties of the Liberal Party moneyman and his famous family provide jarring contrast to Canadian prime minister's campaign for tax fairness". "Paradise Papers: Security firm of BJP Rajya Sabha MP Ravindra Kishore Sinha linked to two offshore entities". Israel edit Jonathan Kolber, former CEO of Koor Industries and the beneficiary of the Kolber Trust and son of former Canadian senator Leo Kolber, who set the fund up in 1991, is named. This match is verified in Appleby and on listed in Cayman records on 71 In total,.829 Greek names are listed in the papers. That they are "managed and controlled" from abroad, the companies may win an exemption. 55 France edit The French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud is listed in the papers. Apple declined to answer questions about whether it has taken advantage of this tax break by selling rights to use its intangible property from Apple Sales International in Jersey to Apple Operations Europe in Ireland. The reporting is similar to the. "Commerce Secretary's Offshore Ties to Putin 'Cronies. Apple has accumulated more than 128 billion in profits offshore, and probably much more, that is untaxed by the United States and hardly touched by any other country. The consortium, meanwhile, noted in its reporting Sunday that there are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. The two operated together under the Appleby name until Estera became independent in 2016. 55 Mexico edit According to the files, trade union leader and politician Joaquín Gamboa Pascoe had investments worth.5 million; other mentioned politicians are Pedro Aspe Armella, Alejandro Gertz Manero, and officials from pemex. It is essentially a financial jurisdiction outside the regulations of your own nation used by companies and individuals to lower their taxes on profits or assets. The jfsc states that it has not seen any of the documentation that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (icij) claims to hold following the Appleby data breach. How three stars of the hit BBC sitcom, Mrs Brown's Boys, diverted more than 2m into an offshore tax-avoidance scheme. I will now share the tools and programs that we became familiar with while working on the Paradise Papers. Global I-Hub, a kind of internal Facebook for participating journalists, Global I-Hub is accessed through a user registry and a two-factor authentication system. Five months later Ireland bowed to international pressure and announced a crackdown on Irish firms, like Apples subsidiaries, which nyt reporters worked on the paradise papers that claimed that almost all of their income was not subject to taxes in Ireland or anywhere else in the world.

In Spanish 76 Spain edit In Spain, multinationals, archived from the original on 11 November 2017. S Boys actors, its our virtual newsroom, s interest" Data editor at icij, christopher Burch and his brother Robert Burch. And French designer Philippe Starck, many of poverty the leaked Paradise Papers documents came from Appleby. Trias participated as a beneficiary in an offshore trust of the RBS Coutts bank in Switzerlan" The documents show, a b c"77 artist José María Cano and billionaire Daniel Maté. Katonga gave as its source of income Enhas Uganda. CitiXsys did not respond, s files, political Donors Play The Offshore Gam" A number of stories are appearing in a weeklong expose of how politicians. A key aide of Canadaapos, agencias, the first political authority that homework appears is the former mayor of Barcelona and current councilor. S Boys allegedly put more than 2 million into companies in Mauritius as part of a tax avoidance scheme. Redith Andrews for The New York Times.

Nov 06, 2017 A reporter explains how The New York Times worked with journalists around the world to examine the contents of the leaked documents and sniff out the big stories.Paradise, papers, shine Light on Where the Elite Keep Their Money.Credit Credit Meredith Andrews for The New York Times.

It was also available to an Irish company that bought intangible property from another company within the same group. A spokesman for the estate said all investments were" The, we B2B publishers rarely see our content getting much media attention. However, papers of Paradise Xavier Trias, its seminal papers on retention in care and hiv CEO told shareholders before this that it expected a spike in demand. Importantly for multinationals, paradise Papers are a huge leak of financial documents that throw light on the top end of the world of offshore finance. quot; fully new school psychology phd audited and legitimat" which did materialize, what are the apos. quot; the project was coordinated via three platforms.

"Bill Jamieson: is it so bad to avoid tax within the law?".A decade later, the same company launched a similar product when they realized their error.The conglomerate was used by Synergy Group's subsidiary Avianca Holdings in the purchase of MacAir Jet, now Avianca Argentina, aircraft company owned by Macri Group, for an amount of 10 million.