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Will Entrekin : (view all by) : November 21, 2005, 05:36 PM : Firstly, I realized, Teresa and Patrick, I didn't offer my condolences that you went through all

this. To dissect Jessica's post in such extremes, which by the way was written that way as a rhetorical device to make the post amusing and fun, only speaks to your insecurities and deluded opinions of self-righteous. #336 : j h woodyatt : (view all by) : November 23, 2005, 04:39 AM : Teresa Nielsen Hayden writes: Anyone else want to take a hand at trying to get Yaron to understand. He (She?) has articulated why I think this activity by these girls is stupid better than I did. This statement is most assuredly not the point. To me, the difference is that I *know* the area, and I'd like to think I can tell a harmless resident from potential trouble. No one here is trying to argue that a stripper doin' her thang with a pole is modern art (although, um, hi, actually some of them really are pretty talented). They weren't slumming hw-tina either. You can go there, appreciate the sexy dancing, and maybe wonder if you would dance on stage if it meant the difference between Yale and community college. Ddn't rlz t ll tht's wht thy'd. Alison : I don't know how many here went to fairly conservative east coast top-25 universities in the last ten years (or spent time in the halls of Congress lately but if you had, you would have encountered many Karols and many Jessicas. March 7: launch of, cocktail Kafkaine by Mustapha Benfodil / Joe Ford (trans.). But you know if i was a liberal i would feel all safe and warm telling my parents about. Realised by a dedicated community of volunteer engineers and programme-makers, Resonance offers over 100 creative broadcast series every week featuring local and international artists, makers and experts. The highly anticipated group show of Scratch the Surface Mental Health Arts Festival, will showcase a selection of fifteen fine artists from across the UK who the Collective/Pod have worked with over the last 18 months. It's about a guy who was murdered in her apartment building. Featuring new work from Chrissy Williams, Lavinia Singer, Matvei Yankelevich, Julia Rose Lewis, Julia Schuster, Olga Moskvina, Oliver Mayeux, Mischa Foster Poole, Ruhi Parmar Amin, Andre Bagoo and more. By voluntarily associating yourself with the monsters that currently run this country, you have placed yourself outside the boundaries of civilized interaction. ( sd thy'r slmmng, bcs thnk tht strp-brs r nhrntly slmmng plcs, fr rsns 'v splld.) Y gys jst cn't cncv f why wmn wld fl t ws nchrctrstc nd strng t nd p t sdy strp-br. And finally: Thank you, Lin Daniel, for upholding the highest standards of ML's comment threads. Violated is when you're taken out of seeing what you signed on to see, into doing or being done to, without your consent. #356 : claire : (view all by) : November 23, 2005, 11:51 AM : OK, I promised myself I would be good. Bertonazzi, out on bail for the rape case, allegedly sold cocaine and marijuana to undercover agents on two occasions. I'd planned on swinging by the Concourse that weekend in the hopes of catching a few talks - I live a few blocks away - but duty called; now, I'm just regretting that I didn't have the opportunity to buy you a few drinks. The first step would be to take reasonable measures to reduce the noise if possible. Because they don't have degrees or make a lot of money? Karol and her girlfriends have been peevish, arrogant, and dislikable since they got here. Apparently, we're supposed to take this diatribe as evidence that you can take the conservatarian girl out of South Brooklyn, but you can't get the South Brooklyn out of the conservatarian girl. In fact, the fact that you don't belong in a place like that makes you more of a target. You can giggle at the thought that most of these men could never actually date women this hot, and instead pay them hundreds of dollars for permission to oggle. Irving Matos, 42, who worked at Sunset Parks Sweet Cherry, The, sweet Cherry is a sleazy waterfront strip club. If I habitually visit establishments like the Sweet Cherry, (maybe I'm a regular patron, maybe I'm a union organizer, maybe I'm a connoisseur of sleaze, maybe they serve a really good martini) I'm probably not slumming when I go there. However, I keep getting the impression that what Jessica.

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