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through a transparency of Manhattan's skyline as seen from Brooklyn. Day 3: Build up th, forehead and cover it with several layers of pasted paper strips. The extreme

of this requiremeot was illustrated by th, skull and th, Martian with a cone head and pointed ears. 13, 2010, at Betty Cuningham Gallery, 541 West 25th Street, New York City,.Y. The mor, sober expressions gave directions to lavatories, votiol booths (for city elections held in dry th, school building etc. The project, on view from May to November 1975, was made of paper mache, wood, plastic, fiberglass, and vinyl. In his most recent paintings, Pearlstein is definitely showing off the results of this manifesto, and why shouldnt he? Photo 1975 Robert Mates, with Ruckus Works Company, Grooms' assistants, 88 Pine. When th, se personalities came down to be sent home, they left a void-w, had all grown accustomed to th, ir presence. Arguably the largest-scale undertaking in Chelsea this fall is Richard Serras installation at Gagosian Gallery on West 21st Street in Chelsea of two major new steel works, Blind Spot (2002-03) and, open Ended (2007-08 which draws to a close on Dec. Age is certainly no barrier to achievement in the art world - in fact, its barely worth mentioning. This new show reminds us once again that the Queens-born artist was a brilliant poet of light who transformed utilitarian fixtures into transmitters of transcendent beauty. Th, students used a variety of materials for hair. The piece included horse-drawn carts, taxis, buses, life-sized wooden figures of pedestrians, 125th street, rivers, parts of central park, the Apollo Theatre, Brooklyn Bridge, Chase Manhattan building, Chrysler building, 88 Pine., Federal Reserve Bank, Fulton Fish Market, City Hall interior, 42nd. In the contemporary art world, this truism is represented by the handful of art stars who can be depended on to deliver the goods, year in and year out. Th, masks w,re painted with acrylic paint. Even if these tours de force first appear too busy, Pearlsteins staying power and his control over his medium and his ideas should humble younger artists. Students who wanted teeth on th, ir masks, formed th, m one at a time with pasted paper towles folded vertically, and applied th, m to a pasted strip of paper towel folded horizontally. Let me be the first to note that the familiar figures Im talking about here are all men. Hes been working for 50 years now and is clearly entertaining himself, and us, with his remarkably energetic and complex still-lifes. Day 6: Build on a chio. Well, it was to the Tallix foundry in Beacon,.Y., where he produced a series of new industrial-strength sculptures. When th, mask was compl, tely dry, a hole was cut into th, back, and th, newspap, r base was pulled out. Steel wool and yarn also made some convincing heads of hair. Link/Page Citation, page/Link: Page URL: html link: a Citations: Th, comments above were typical reactions to fifty-eight masks, created by my eighth grade art students, that were hanging in various spots around th, school. Provided two pedestrian plazas and two access ways to the Second Avenue Subway for display of his work. Some brought in wils. One issue does remain, of course, and thats the question of gender equality. As they compl, ted each mask, students decided on where it should be hung and what words should come out of its mouth. The overriding influence is doubtlessly the comics - from the humor of the Sunday funnies to the bite of political cartoons. Grooms visited Sail and decided he wanted to create this project in the same space on Pine.

Gustons Finger Puppets" lately Id been wondering where Red. Dan Flavin, as if to add a bit of narrative to the Star Wars geometrics. Mimi Grooms sketched people who were watching the construction from the other side french language dissertation topics of the glass and incorporated them into the work. quot; series and Progressions Nov, calling the late artist Dan Flavin a Minimalist seems much too limiting. Creativity was that the facial features must be human. Defined by the geometric arrangements of light fixtures.

Red grooms paper mache

Set th, re dry, witnessed paper a transfer reflection of themselves and their environment. Who died four years ago when he was. The sculptures magnificent machismo provides a rare Apollonian calm. In fact to a central deadend. Ruckus Manhattan, nose from th, the laughing masks told a favorite middle school joke or gave a school cheer.

Serra remains a creator of supremely interactive, poetic and ominous viewer experiences.Both sculptures are more or less spiral ellipses with 14-foot-tall walls.Manhattan was reconstructed to conform to the city's psychic dimensions rather than its physical ones.