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bold, colorful lines throughout the life of the pens so your self-expression can make a major statement. File Paper Sorters Organizers (1). Some of the colors here, especially the

orange didnt come out as bright and vibrant as they are in person, but if you saw it in person you would see a big difference. You can see though from the sample that they do write with a nice strong line, and they dont put down so much ink that it bleeds or feathers on the paper. Red ink color.7 mm medium-point felt tip makes bold, vibrant lines. They're suitable for home, office and school projects. This is one of them. Featuring a Point Guard to prevent tip fraying and a stylish design that will always stand out, Paper Mate Flair is the ultimate writing tool! The worlds classic paper mate flair medium review felt tip writing instrument lets you express yourself with true style and color. With 32 vivid colors, you're guaranteed to find the perfect shade. Tip Material, felt, tip Replaceable, no, tip Size (Line Width) Medium Tip Type Bullet Weight - Barrel (with Ink).20 oz / 6 grams Weight - Cap.06 oz / 2 grams Weight - Whole Pen (with Ink).27 oz / 8 grams Weight. The color sets diverge with the last two colors, however.

98, view more options, but it had just been a long time since I had actually used them under the Liquid Expresso name. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens can add color and creativity to your writing projects. Black, pen Type, i really like these pens, online. These porous pens always leave a great impression. Regardless, i think youd soon find yourself reaching for one time after time. The last two colors are purple and turquoise. As I said, an additional thing duty that I find quite impressive about these pens is the speed at which the ink dries.

There university would be a small collection of ink that oozed out of the tip and sat there. Yes, sakura Pigma Micron and other microtipped felttipped pens. Any of the writing I have done with the Liquid Flair has been mostly for casual writing. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. But it was just saturated in a little puddle.