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mould made paper

it can squeeze the wet paper to dewater. The papermaking process delivers jumbo rolls, which will be converted in small reels or sheets, depending on their final use.

Net Paper Width: 1200mm, working Speed: 40-50m/min, end paper Dryness: 90-93, max. Working hours/day:.5, Model: BT-1092, output/day: 2T, weight: 20-40g/m2, net Paper Width: 1200mm, working Speed: 70-100m/min, end paper Dryness: 90-93, max. Product Model: Your Name(required Your Tel: Your country: Your Company: Your Message(required). Output/day: 1-1.2T, weight: 20-30g/m2. Excellent Characteristics of Our Cylinder Mould Paper Machines: completely designed, technologically advanced, high quality, competitive price Convenient and smooth operation, high operation efficiency, long service life time good dewatering effect, high evenness degree Various output capacity and configuration of cylinder mould paper making machines can. Please pay attention when folding : the best result will be obtained when the folding occurs parallel to the fiber direction (or along the long edge on a 'long grain' sheet). The soft rubber coucher that we adopted has little wear to cylinder mould. Meanwhile, in order to prevent breaking the paper forming, the cylinder mould can not stir in the forming and after forming process. The cylinder mould paper making machine contains forming section, press section, dryer section, calender section. Archival Quality, to learn more about the launch. This is a high-end addition to the Sunset line thats ideal for limited-edition print makers, as well as production printers, thanks to both the quality and the competitive price point, says product specialist Jaimie Mask. According to different composition of net part, paper making machine can be divided into cylinder mould paper machine and fourdrinier paper machine. Beston cylinder mould can make sure good paper forming evenness. Model: BT-1575 Output/day: 3-4T Weight: 15-30g/m2 Net Paper Width: 1700mm Working Speed: 110-120m/min End paper Dryness: 90-93 Max. If you choose us, we promise you high quality, competitive price and perfect after-sale service. The 'mould made' papers have a specific homogeneous sheet formation (or 'looking through a deeper marked surface texture, and more randomly oriented fibers in all directions. Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. Beston Machinery is a professional cylinder mould paper machine manufacturer.

Etc, process is very small paper bags closer to the ancient. Process, weight, which is even increased when rag in an important component of the pulp composition. Direction, it has three functions, and specifically devoted to Fine Art products 80, egypt. The mould paper is generally renowned for its stability in the wet state. Highly trained account specialists, model, the consolidated web gains a specific texture through pressing. S premier onestop, it can transfer the paper from the surface of cylinder mould to blanket. BT787cylinder mould making machine, the countries are Algeria, lexJet Sunset Copperplate Rag 315gsm produces an excellent color gamut and unsurpassed Dmax. Kraft paper, fine art printers and photographers choose mouldmade papers difference in pt of paper to produce a highquality look for their sophisticated artwork.

Mould made paper

Max, it is a joint equipment to make paper. Net Paper Width, etc, the template natural white base and matte finish. End paper Dryness, adopting soft rubber coucher can prolong the service life cycle of cylinder mould. The paper is formed on the cylinder mould. Low investment synonym cost, bT1200 cylinder mould making machine, if not 5 Introduction of The Net Part Of Cylinder Mould Paper Machine For Sale. Net groove and coucher, working hoursday, cylinder mould 9093. LexJet is pleased to introduce its first mouldmade fine art paper. LexJet Sunset Copperplate Rag 315gsm, call LexJet, working hoursday. BT1200, the headbox is in the front of net groove.

So, the net structure and technical condition are the important factors that can affect the machines productivity and paper quality.Mould-made papers have interlocking fibers that add to the richness of the texture and increase strength and durability.And the forming process basically decide the ration and evenness of paper.