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dip-and-sweep method, so cups with flat rims work best for scooping and leveling. Silpats are also difficult to clean, and weve found that getting all the grease off after

use can be hard. Atecos simple box wasnt as great as the one that came with the Wilton Deluxe Decorating Tip Set, which holds each tip upright on its own cone for easy organization and identification. The best, AmeriColor Student Soft mineral origami paper Gel Paste Food Color, not only offers way more color options than the basic red, yellow, green, and blue but also comes in a much more concentrated formula than liquid coloring. Its made of heavy-gauge aluminum, so in our tests it didnt warp, even at high heat. Before you fill your piping bags, twist each bag just above the tipthis will keep icing from squirting out before youre readyand put it tip-down in a quart container lined with a paper towel. Now you have two hands free, and scooping up icing and filling the bag will be much easier. If youre planning to decorate cookies with royal icing, you should use only a simple round tip, because royal icing is too liquid to keep any other shape. If you have concerns about using artificial colorings due to allergies or other reasons, one good set of all-natural food colorings, India Tree Natural Decorating Colors, is widely available. The hand-turned Whetstone, a tapered French-style pin, not only worked better than handled versions but also proved superior to similarly shaped mass-produced pins (while costing a fraction of what other hand-turned pins sell for). We didnt test strainers, but we did get a few good recommendations from other sources. It actually comes with only 12 tips, because the pieces include a plastic coupler and a 12-inch reusable plastic piping bag, but this set offers all the variety you need for most basic (and some advanced) decorating tasks. Plastic bowls are out of the question because they stain easily and cant handle high heat, and silicone bowls lack sturdiness and can harbor smells. Escali Primo Digital Scale is the best scale for most people. The Wilton bags and the Cake Boss bags, in contrast, are as slick and shiny on the outside as on the inside. MP After spending hours baking several kinds of cookies, pissaladière, and sweet potato fries, we think the Nordic Ware Bakers Half Sheet is the best choice for baking all kinds of cookies. The main reason the Ateco tips came out on top is that they were the only ones without a visible seam inside. Ceramic bowls are heavy and the rims chip easily. The red has a slight purplish tinge, like beets, but its definitely red. Ultimately, for most bakers, we think metal is the way to go, and if you take care of your cutters, a high-quality set can last a long time. Some industrial brands size their scoops by number; a #40 scoop is about right. Their own heat, as well as the heat of the sheet pan, will continue to bake them even after they come out of the oven. After reading a Cooks Illustrated review, we chose to test only the V-shaped scoops, because the other variety is designed for use only in the right hand. Just be aware that theyre not as deep as any of the other cutters we tested, so theyre not the best for cutting through thicker things, like sandwiches. Judging from experience in professional kitchens, such misalignment is a common problem with cookie scoops, and the worst one we tried (the Fat Daddios Scoop #40, which Rose Levy Beranbaum recommended) got out of line after just three scoops of firm dough. If you currently dont own a glass liquid measuring cup and a set of metal dry cups, you should invest in both. The company notes on its website that baking on Silpats produces flatter cookies because the dough slides effortlessly across the surface. Of the five scoops we tested, the Norpro Grip-EZ 2-Tablespoon Stainless Scoop was the strongest and the most comfortable to hold, and it released the dough more cleanly than any other. Theyre also pretty indestructible, and you can throw them around or drop them without risk of much beyond a dent. Liquids level themselves, so measuring against a fixed line on a clear container works best.

Baking on Silpats produces flatter cookies. It lasts longer and produces more vibrant hues. The Whetstone Woodenware French Rolling Pin is the perfect weight for rolling even dough. And 4 quarts and they come with lids. Allows you to screw on piping tips from the outside. They work by compression, on the other hand, mP Piping tips The best sets come with a plastic coupler that. And using them is the only way to achieve the level of detail with some practice that bakers like Gail Dosik of One Tough Cookie do how to make origami paper flower ball on their sugar cookies.

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Once inserted into the bag, in our tests, the big. Theyre also great for thesis statement circulatory system portioning out batter for muffins or cupcakes. The curved inner band intended to push out the dough was nearly flush with the bowl of the scoop. Theyre also great for tracing and for using with PlayDoh.