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alleviate some of the pain. 4 Some ingredients in antibiotic cream or ointments can cause an adverse, mild rash. Aloe vera is known for speeding up the healing

process. 3, rinse your wound under cool, clean water until all the soap has been rinsed away. Rinse the cut with cool, clean water to remove any dirt or debris. While they rarely cause serious harm, they could slow your rate of healing. For most paper cuts, healing only takes a few days. If it is not too deep, it may heal fast. Seuss theme so the fish worked well. 3 6, let your paper cut heal on its own. Question What if the cut is in the web between my thumb and index finger? Leaving the bandage on too long can prevent the cut from getting the oxygen it needs to heal properly. Warm a mint teabag in boiling water, then lay the teabag across the paper cut. The things in this section are simply things to try that may, according to some sources, help your cut to feel better faster. You still need to wash the cut properly, use precautions for preventing infection (cover the wound while its unhealed and seek medical attention if it becomes infected. 5 Use calendula salve, lavender oil, goldenseal ointment, or tea tree oil on your cut.

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So they will sting and cause some burning if you choose to utilize this method. Ll have to get someone to help you. But taking your time and using precautions can help to avoid them. These products are not intended to be used directly on skin. You want to keep the area as clean as possible to encourage healing 2, blend 3 cloves of garlic with for one cup of wine. Let stand for 23 hours and then strain.

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Question What do I do if I got the paper cut between my two fingers. And you should clean the paper cut to avoid infection. This will also protect you from knocking the wound open. If it hurts too much 5 Use liquid adhesive if you are unable to keep your bandage dry. Try covering the cuts with bandaids andor holding the pen in a different position. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Price, apply them directly to the cut or to your bandage 24 times a day 8, cheating bulletin Boards and Mor" especially if it is in an area that gets dirty easily 4 Change your bandage.

Aloe provides a cooling sensation while also helping to heal your wound.5 Put your adhesive strip on snug, but not so tight you will restrict blood flow to your wound.2, apply a thin layer of antibiotic cream or ointment to help keep the surface area moist.