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folding paper trimmer from making memories

the 1 mark and count the number of long lines on the base of the trimmer until you get to 2 inches, youll see that there are. This is

another useful measurement to know, as a lot of margins in scrapbooking and card making are measured by the eighth inch. See you next week! I want to thank the previous posters for this thread. When you look at the trimmer, the eighth marks are slightly longer and darker than the 16th marks, so you should be able to see them easily if you know what youre looking for, but if you dont, just count the marks between the inches. . Pros for rotary trimmers they are very accurate and the replacement blade last a fairly long time compared to a standard paper trimmer. . Things to note: first, this is the way I always use my trimmer most people think its upside down because the numbers are upside down. . OK, so you take from your pizza out of the oven and before you make any cuts its completely whole, so its one. Lets do a little fraction review. . Theyre also pretty sturdy and can cut slightly smaller pieces than the guillotine style trimmers. . Now, much of card making and scrapbooking relies on the next measurement the quarter inch. . Rotary Trimmer, rotary Trimmer, the next style of trimmer is a rotary trimmer these trimmers use a strong track with a circular blade attached that you pull towards you and cut your paper like a pizza this will be familiar to you if you like. First, now your measuring guide is closer to you, which just makes it easier to see. . At least for me Ive tried several versions of these and I always end up going back to a standard trimmer. . Second, pulling is easier and more accurate than pushing. . It works the same as you move down the ruler so, take a minute now and see if you can find all the halves in the trimmer picture above you should be able to find 2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 the. Sorry I tried to show some detail but the tags are smaller than I thought theyd. . I got a replacement and it seems ok so far. And, it takes four quarter inches to make an inch. . They do also have blades for scoring and perforating, which is nice if youre not comfortable with paper folding or your making complicated folds. . Im not sure why we would do this, but hey, sharing is caring, right? . If youre wanting to look for the products used to make this card, ask Michelle about the Gorjuss Little Things Sweet Tea stamp set and Authentiques Infused Collection I used the 66 pad and the Infused Elements stickers. . Whole Pizza mmmmm, now, lets say we want to share our pizza with a friend. . Im going to break it down here, but an afternoon of practicing with rulers and fractions never hurt anybody and will make your life much simpler in the future if this is an area of confusion for you. . A lot of people are confused by the simple act of measuring. . Embellish a clipboard using printed paper, washi tape, ribbon, flowers, chipboard and a few other basic supplies. The blades in these trimmers are also slightly more complicated to change than with a standard trimmer, although thats only trimmer important if you like to be speedy. Some of them also come with blades that cut in patterns like waves or scallops. . Heres a close up of the blades: Rotary Trimmer Blades. However, were talking about a sixteenth of an inch generally so its almost unnoticeable by most people and in most projects. . When you have a whole something, you have 1, correct? . Let pretend were cutting a pizza, since weve already talked about pizza and its an easy fraction analogy. .

Folding paper trimmer from making memories

MakeUp Memories Happy Birthday Banner Kit. Creative Memories perfect FIT MOD designer prints paper 1 0 99, now, office Paper, ge" office School Supplies 99, but when I cleaned out the track where the blade runs. Look folding paper trimmer from making memories backup at the trimmer youll see there are lines on all the quarter inch marks as well. Creative Memories perfect fit Baby Boy Bright Designer Prints Paper NIP 12x1.

The little orange square is the blade its sharpened on both sides so as it gets dull you can flip it around 1 34 01, creative Memories Inkjet Photo Paper 3878 NIP. Theyre fairly sturdy and hard to damage. You dont have to buy replacement blades. And youll see 1, and as long as you hold the paper in place. So, w R Memory Keepers has been creating beautiful. Products, ge" guillotine trimmer, dont go away yet you can do this. So this is what Im referring to when I say standard trimmer.

Get"tions, creative Memories perfect fit Little Boy Designer Prints Paper 2 Abc Monogra.Pros for this trimmer theyre inexpensive, theyre light weight, and theyre quick and easy to use. .Funny how math works like that. .