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and why does it matter? So we here at m have designed this sheet to try and simplify the different terms you may hear in association with paperweight. If

youd like to learn more about paper weight, check out our Paper Tools post. Text weight." To eliminate as much confusion as possible, we have chosen GSM as our conversion reference point because it is a definite and universal measure of the paper. We recommend ordering samples to test print prior to purchase. They can be used in a variety of applications and products. Cover, weight Sheets : Thicker, sturdier sheets, commonly referred to as card stock. Finally, the Extra Heavy Weight category includes card stocks that are 111 pound and up; a weight comparable to a cereal box, though not quite as rigid. Caliper thickness uncoated - Offset, paper 20lb / 50lb Offset text (uncoated) bay paper.0035" 24lb / 60lb Offset text (uncoated) paper.004" 28lb / 70lb Offset text (uncoated) paper.005". You may not know what an 80 lb cover stock looks like, but you probably know how thick a standard business card. Within these four categories, papers are split up into two main scales - text weight and cover weight. Extra Heavy Weight Paper (285 gsm and Up) - Pretty Much a Cereal Box. M weight, also known as metric weight, measured in GSM or G/m2 (grams per square meter). Patterned papers within this category are commonly used for decorative purposes. For instance, regular everyday copy paper is most commonly referred to as a "20. Medium weight papers are a collection of our lighter weight cover stock sheets, or card stocks. Common Desktop Sizes Card Stock Suggestions Desktop Sizes (Inches).5 x 11 11 x 17 17 x 11 Desktop Size Card Stock Suggestions Digital Sizes These sizes are intended for high production digital printing presses such as HP Indigo, Xerox iGen, Kodak NexPress, Canon imagepress, etc. These heavy weight card stock papers: Must be scored before folding Are not suitable for most home printers; test printing is a must As with the medium weight sheets, heavy weight sheets are great for a variety of projects including business cards, invitation cards, program. Here are some of the most common cardstock weights and their typical uses: 65lb Common uses: Light-weight business cards Greeting cards Postcards Book covers Posters Tickets Crafts 65lb Card Stock Suggestions 80lb Common uses: Standard-weight business cards Posters Greeting cards Invitations Table tents Folders Tickets. 145 67lb Bristol, often considered the lightest of the cardstocks, great for self mailers with a flexible "soft feel" quick drying surface. Cut size measures the width and length of a sheet of paper after it has been cut down from its basic size. Also the most popular business letterhead or stationary weight. Gloss Coated Text Weight, paper 70lb Gloss text coated paper.0035" 80lb Gloss text coated paper.004" 100lb Gloss text coated paper.005" Text Weight Satin Coated 70lb Text Satin- coated paper.0038" 80lb Text Satin- coated paper.0045" 100lb Text Satin- coated paper.0055" Gloss Coated Cover Weight 80lb Gloss. Here are a few more examples: 100 lb cover is commonly used for index, recipe, or cue cards 12 pt cover is typically used for paperback book covers Common Card Stock Weights and How to Use Them Choosing the right weight for your project can. It is important to note that text and cover weight scales are completely separate, unrelated scales. Note* : Ordering samples test printing prior to purchase is always recommended. Uncoated Text Opaque 60lb Opaque text uncoated.004" 70lb Opaque text uncoated.005 80lb Opaque text- uncoated.0055" 100lb Opaque text uncoated.007" 65lb Opaque, cover uncoated.009" 80lb Opaque, cover uncoated.011" (11pt thick) 100lb Opaque, cover uncoated.014" (14pt thick). Were here to help: Phone: (800) 790-tpms (8767) Email: Live Chat: Ask us a question Dont forget to check back for the next topic in the Ultimate Guide to Card Stock : Finishes Colors! Understanding paperweights can be difficult. There are three common measurements for determining weight or thickness : Basis weight, measured in pounds, calipers, measured in points or mils. Read More Part 1: Introduction to Card Stock Part 2: Paper Weights Sheet Sizes (youre here!) Part 3: Paper Finishes Colors Part 4: Printing Finishing Part 5: How When to Use Card Stock Download the complete Ultimate Guide to Card Stock, including free printables! Common Full Sheet Sizes Card Stock Suggestions Full Sheet Sizes (Inches) 19 x 25 20 x 26 20 x 28 20 1/2 x 24 3/4 20 3/4 x 29 2/5 20 3/4 x 29 1/2 20 13/16 x 29 1/2 22 x 30 22 1/2. GSM, weight, description 74 20lb bond/50lb text, most often found in your everyday copy machine. Download our free printable resources: Part 2: Basis Weight Only download Part 2: Basis Weight Sheet Size download Complete Ultimate Guide to Card Stock download Download the rest of the Ultimate Guide to Card Stock.

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There is some variation between different paper mills. Between different paper sizes and multiple scales of measurement. Basis weight, not its cut size, so how does it work. Or arenapos, you know there are all kinds of terms and numbers to describe these paper airplane directions easy weights.

Paper Thickness : Paper, type: Approx.Caliper thickness ) Uncoated - Offset, paper.Cover, weight, paper : 80lb, cover, satin Coated paper.0081 (8pt.

Cover paper thickness

A embosser thick card stock can have the same weight as a thinner text weight paper. The weight of the paper can is indicated by a number. Making them as thick, heavy, papers range from 6516gsm cover.

If youd like to be sure about the weight and thickness you want before you start stocking up, pick up a swatch book or take advantage of our sample sheet offer: choose up to 5 sample sheets for 2 per sheet and samples ship free!Breadcrumbs, thickness of, paper, paper, thickness, paper, type.