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applying contact paper to glass

some extra tips i have to make sure you project comes out perfect every time. My source for this materials is actually the 99cent store. Step 3: Lay

your glass flat on the table, start peeling the wax paper off the back of your Contact paper and stick it to your glass, make sure you let 1" hang over the edges of your glass on all sides. If you have a bubble, dont try to rub it out too hard. Spray mount is repositionable so you can remove and replace it till you get it exactly where you want it. The piece i used has flat polished edges. Tempered glass will NOT work for this project you'll know if your glass is tempered or not by looking for a "bug" or "cobb" on one of the corners of the piece of glass. They have had it in stock for years in my area and it can be found in kitchen utensils isle. If you have a place to put the sign in mind, go ahead and measure it to see what size will fit best. Contest Metalworking Contest Furniture wannabe Contest 2018. This is my very first instructable so i hope i covered everything well, but if you have any questions please leave a comment with your question or check the last page of this instructable for hints/notes from. In this step i will cover the etching cream method for doing this. Step 1: Finding Your Design, picking what you want your sign to say is the first thing you'll want to think about.

Now that you have your design finalized you can get to the meat and potatoes of this project. If adhesive remains, step 2, keep in paper mind that any area you peel up will be where you get the frosted effect. Extra on all sides, this can be found at most hardware stores. It can be found in most art stores. Youre less likely to end up sans dishes when they have your name on them. Slowly peel up the paper and vinyl where you cut out letters exposing the glass underneath. Apply a cleaner specifically designed for adhesive removal. Cutting out your stencil Tip try to lift your blade off the workpiece as little as possible while cutting out your design. If you accidentally pull up a part that you do not want to be frosted slowly reapply the section and check to see if you missed any cuts.

Applying contact paper to window to transform normal glass into privacy glass.For the front window - i hate living on a busy cul de sac i hate having to close the curtains!Find this Pin and more on Home by Patricia Garza.

Artsy look, you can create both small and large transfers. Drop by Thicketworks to explore youll find many fun projects like this recent DIY Chalk Paint and Image Transfer experiment. Wrapping paper, if you like experimenting with various materials and methods. I would not recommend going over 6 coats as you may start to get undercutting when the etching works its applying contact paper to glass way applying contact paper to glass underneath your stencil.

From this point on, the process is pretty self-explanatory.Apartment Therapy for featuring this tutorial!